Food Safety

Our Company, Agroexport, LLC, is fully committed to Food Safety Standards which we exceed everyday. Customers that purchase Villita Brand products have the confidence and our guarantee that they will be consuming and enjoying products where every efforts has been made by our entire company personnel to bring you the best avocado.

We implemented a HACCP system which guarantees our products in accordance with Prerequisite Programs, Prerequisite in Operations Program, and Procedures of Operations and Standards, Plan HACCP. These programs help us prevent, eliminate and reduce dangers of contamination that minimize the dangers that may affect our avocados through traceability and a long process of implementation through controlled and corrective actions.

These programs are monitored and revised through third parties which are authorized by the food safety organizations certifying our company. It is of the highest priority that our company excels and exceeds in our production process making favorable changes in order to maintain our avocados with excellent food safety ratings so that both our customers and consumers, can have the assurance and guarantee of each of our products.

Our HACCP system is currently in compliance with all our facilities, work environment and personnel, our machinery and equipment, as do all our vendors which comply with our HACCP Food Safety Standards.

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