History of Agroexport Avocados and VillitaBrand

Our packing facility is equipped with state of the art equipment that allows our team to package and ship our inventory efficiently. We are one of the top avocados growers in Mexico and now one of the best distributors of Hass avocados in the US.

Our company was founded in March of 2002 under the direction of its President, Alfredo Rodriguez. The new company facilitates the export of Mexican Hass avocados direct from Michoacán. Due to the increasing demand of the market, the company's efficiency, excellent quality and variety of product Agroexport is now certified to export to the USA, Canada and Asia

In 2006, Agroexport opened its distribution facility and offices for the North American market under Agroexport LLC, located in Pharr, Texas, which has become the center for product distribution.